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My copy of your book arrived this morning….I have not put it down! Rusty, I’m sure that I, like many people, never knew the extent of the HORROR you endured incarcerated in those legendary bastions of Hell, Misery and Pure Evil, built as Prisons in Zimbabwe. It was riveting reading!! Sometimes utterly horrifying and repulsive at what humans are capable of inflicting on each other. Your unique brand of Rusty “Joie de Vivres” is so evident throughout the book with only Forgiveness, Love, Laughs and life lessons for all!!!❤️ Obviously the stories and history of our West Nic “tribe”❤️ made me feel so proud of my roots and we were blessed to have been a part of it all. Your description of that beautiful country, animals, people and potential it has to recover, is so Positive. Thank you for this story it’s been bravely told! Long life to you and Sandra.
Thea Elliot-Darlow

Hi Rusty, I have finished reading your book. It is simply brilliant. And I am still digesting the majesty of your work of art and have a question (without giving away any spoilers). When you had the illegal music playing device that rhymes with pie-pod, what was the playlist? It must have been very inspirational (I suspect some country and western in there?). Best wishes from the other Gary.

Gary Parker

I finished ‘Breaking Chains’ this evening. Truth be told I just sat staring at nothing for about quarter of an hour thinking about what I had just read.

If you want to read a book about rising above life’s challenges then read Rusty’s book. Wanna read about mental termoil, about suffering in prison for 10 years then read Rusty’s book.

But more than this, if you want to read of a man who loses everything, is beaten down by political abuse, a breakdown of law and order, of a man who fights the system on his terms, who has little choice but to rebuild himself from the inside out, then read ‘Breaking Chains’.

Rusty, this is an amazing book, full of emotion and inspiration – brutally honest and openly self-deprecating. A true record of a heartbreaking period.

Rusty – your story is far from over. Thank you for allowing me to be a distant spectator in your decade of fear and injustice.

I salute you, good sir.

Robb Ellis (Derby, UK)

Hi Rusty, I have just read your book that I bought yesterday.  I literally couldn’t put it down! Wow what an ordeal and what incredible strength of character you displayed throughout. I am so tremendously inspired . I even went for a run today! If you in those circumstances could exercise and show kindness to others what could possibly be holding any of us back. Thank you for the poignant reminder of what is so precious in life. Family, friends, loved ones, health and simple good times appreciating each other. Well done Rusty, and thank you for beating those chains and inspiring others to do the same.

Isla Sheasby

I started reading your book at 11 am yesterday. Went to bed at 1 am.. Woke.. Donated blood.. Read again and finished today at 1 pm..

I would like you to know.. You are my hero.. And I WILL Make Everyone I know read your book..

Even chief Rabson wants to read it….. You are a star.. And I’m proud to be able to say I KNOW YOU.

Candy Pieters

Following is some feedback after delivering for Thinksales at the Sandton Convention Center 21/8/18:

Thank you for your message today.

I can’t explain how your testimony today touched me in a very deep way with something I have been grappling with for the last 10 months. It is no comparison to your ordeal but I guess in life we all have our own set of unique challenges we need to face along our path. Your message today certainly changed someones life in a meaningful way. You have released me from my anger and hurt today, my spirit is once again free from my inner turmoil. Your story is truly inspiring and deeply terrifying as it touches on some of my biggest fears in my life. I lived through you today and had an awakening in me to get past my turmoil as your ability to forgive is something I can learn from.

For me today, your timing was God’s timing. I was not mean to be here today and the person I needed to forgive at the last minute canceled and I was asked by my company to attend the event.

Thank you Sir!

Hi Rusty, I attended the Thinksales conference today at Sandton convention center. I’m truly humbled and inspired by your story, probably the best presentation at it truly was authentic and spoke to the heart of leadership. I drove back home with a heart full of gratitude . Thank you. You went through all of that so that you may inspire and touch many many lives.